About Us

LOXINVESTCOMMERCE INC. is a diversified private investment company that has been established since 2006 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It encompasasses overseas operations and has assets and interests abroad.

We are a conglomerate that practices freedom and diversity by encompassing the fast paced globalization challenges. Some such challenges which are presented by capitalism, socialism, and climate change in the current turbulent global markets today are difficult for the uninitiated to cope with. This is where we are able to help as a leading authority in the business of wealth management LIC's main areas of investment focus are: Land & Real Estate, Agriculture, Green Energy, Oil, Gas & Metals and last but not least the Medical field. We have an umbrella term that compiles our 5 categories: "LAGOM" the term used in the Swedish proverb meaning "the right amount is best". To be succinct we are a sufficient and optimal balance of wealth management. In culinary terms this is known as the Bliss point. The perfect balance of salty and savory which keeps you coming back for more!

We structure our investment and joint venture projects with private and public companies internationally. However our group capital interests largely remained privately invested while partaking in projects with other public companies. Our primary focus is to accumulate and advance while not necessarily having to be in the limelight.

“We are a team built of extremely driven individuals who can work well independently and also as a team. If you are one of these people we look forward to you joining us! The sky's the limit!” ~ LIC


Today the global economy is full of uncertainties and with the end of the Free Market, we have developed our very own practice known as "License to Compass". With this practice, our vision is to utilize our lucrative success at LIC Company in maintaining an acute journey free of obstacles. Through our journey of accomplishments we encourage and support in creating the New World, a more green, peaceful and joyous space to breathe in. LIC holds the ultimate choice of economic enlightenment, come join us!