Our Company


LOXINVESTCOMMERCE INC. is a diversified investment private company established in 2006 and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and operations in Hong Kong. We practice the freedom to encompass the fast paced globalization challenges in capitalism, socialism, and climate change in the turbulent global markets today. LIC's main areas of investment focus are: Land & Real Estate, Agriculture, Green Energy, Oil, Gas & Metals and Medical. The 5 compiled categories are more knowingly to us as "LAGOM" the term used in the Swedish proverb "the right amount is best", sufficient, optimal and in balance.

We structure our investment and joint venture projects with private and public companies internationally. However our group capital interests largely remains privately invested even in partaking projects with other public companies. Our drive model is to accumulate and advance and not necessarily having to be in the limelight.

"If one is not willing to achieve and excel as a team, this shall not be the place to be looking in..." - LIC


A number of authoritarian governments, drawn to the economic power of capitalism but wary of uncontrolled free markets, have invented something new: State Capitalism. Are you ready for the end of the Free Market? It is already hereā€¦

In pertaining to today's manifest of global economic uncertainties, we have developed our very own practice of "LICENSE TO COMPASS". In this practice, our vision is to utilize our lucrative success at LIC Company in maintaining an acute journey free and clear of obstacles. Through our passageway of accomplishments we shall assist in making the New World, a more green, peaceful and joyous space to breathe in. LIC holds 'The Golden Torch' of Enlightenment.



* LIC Logo, License to Compass are all Trademarked by LIC