Our Services

We currently offer private investment information and opportunities to our LIC clients only. Sign-up is free, however there is a basic process in the screening of our clients. Please inquire at Contact Us

LIC GRID Global Research Investment & Development

LIC provides international financial investment & development opportunities in real estate, oil & gas, precious and rare earth metals, green energy and agriculture projects. We have established global relations in North and South America, Asia and India for such project opportunities. LOX AND LONG ENERGY is a LIC subsidiary in Oil & Gas JV investment projects in Canada. Our current JV partners include Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. which have raised only $154 million of equity for cash and property while distributing over $250 million to equity holders. LOX and Zargon are in production of oil and gas plays at Grand Forks, Calgary. Total proven reserves in glauconite pool toppling 4.3 Million barrels of heavy crude oil.

LIC LOXON INVESTMENT CORPORATION Financial and Private Equities Brokerage and Management services

LOXON provides strategic portfolio investment programs which are available to our clients. LOXON has strong position in shares of the publically traded company Great Panther Silver Ltd. which has seen its holdings jump over 300%. GPR had been in the sights of LIC on a silver platter for quite some time now.

LIC M&A Mergers and Acquisitions

LIC carries out short and long term strategic planning in seeking out potential project and business opportunities on the horizon. LOXON is a subsidiary of LIC currently engaged in large-scale international solar energy projects in India, Asia and the Middle East. LOXON has entered into signed Licensed 200+Megawatt green renewable energy contracts backed by bank guarantee from AAA rate Bank Global, govt/non-govt sovereign funding. LOXON is part of a international consortium; involving green renewable projects, financial undertakings and project operations.

LIC REAL ESTATE and Asset Management consulting services

LIC provides commercial and retail stores' management and consulting services. TERRE D'OR ESTATES is a LIC subsidiary in real estate investment and development with projects in Canada and internationally. Investment opportunities are available to our clients in different stages of our land and development projects. In recent years TDE has accumulated over 300 acres of land in Canada. Current sites are undergoing rezoning stages for land & development opportunities. TDE and JV partners extends its ambitious hunt for prime real estate into Asia and has acquired acreage in the new Nhan Trac City of Vietnam.

LIC Financial Research and Analysis investment

LIC provides analytical reports and research on potential and ongoing investment projects for our clients. We believe having teamwork is the optimal performance charting tool in bringing maximal gains.

LIC Business Management and consulting services

LIC manages and has JV partnerships in the health sector services. We provide our clients with valuable business input and evaluations towards business growth and management.